Speaker Date Topic
Howard Svigals Sep 05, 2017
Things we may be missing

Howard is our Assistant Governor and will be discussing things that our club may have been missing out on while we had a small membership but now that we are growing there are programs that we might want to consider using and apply for and participating in.

Board Meeting Sep 05, 2017
Discuss Results of Galloping Gertie and Future Fundraising Ideas

Board to discuss ups and downs of the Galloping Gertie - based on previous years - it may be too soon to have a financial report on the event but we should be able to have some results as to how effectively it went compared to previous years, etc.   We also should be able to consider additional fundraising ideas, such as having a community rummage sale or a community rib contest or some sort of community food contest.  These three ideas have been used by other Rotary clubs with great success by getting the community involved and supporting a great cause.